Vintage Car Week at Meister Werks

This week is vintage car week at Meister Werks. We’ve had a number of vintage vehicles come in such as a ’64 Coupe Deville, ’64 – 13 Window VW Bus, ’71 Beetle and a 1977 Datsun 280z.

Coupe Deville is in for a air compressor refresh and wiring. 13 Window Bus came in for a plethora of service, repairs and upgrades. The Clementine Orange Beetle was dropped off for a crate engine install, all new upholstery, disk brake conversions, powder coating and many more custom items. Lastly, the ’77 280z came in for some repairs and some custom powder coating.

The Z and the Coupe Deville will be done next week, although the VW’s will be ongoing projects over the next month. Stay tuned for further progress reports on each vehicle.