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BMW 325i E30 Day at Meister Werks

One day last week was BMW 325i day at Meister Werks European and Import in Renton, WA 1 block south from The Renton Landing.

It’s a strange phenomenon how we always see vehicles come in twos. Some weeks it’s twin black Mercedes SL500, other weeks is two BMW X5s. Last week we had two E30 platform, BMW325i in the shop. The white vehicle was in for a new rebuild transmission. We sent the transmission out to get rebuilt and it came back absolutely beautiful. Not only did they bead blast the case, they completely removed all the internals and valve body, then replaced everything with fresh, new parts.


BMW 3 Series E30 325i

BMW E30s are known by BMW enthusiasts as the go to for BMW performance, modifications and tuning. The BMW on the right is a daily driver for a student, while the one on the right is our employee Luke’s car. Both were having problems that we diagnosed with in a hour.

As it states above, the white convertable needed a transmission. We installed a used transmission for the customer hoping to save them money. However the transmission we received from our parts supplier was also faulty. The 325i E30 automatic transmissions are known to have many faults and issues though out the twelve year production of the vehicle (1982-1994)