Detailing Serivces

Buffing 3-1

Meister Werks offers detailing services. From simple details to full clay bar, polish and wax – We can do it! At Meister Werks in Renton, WA, 1 block south of The Renton Landing on Park Ave N.


Buffing 2-2Detailing your car is the best way to protect your vehicle’s paint and interior. Keeping it clean and detailed will increase resale value when you decide to sell or trade in your vehicle. Also protecting the finish can protect the paint from excess dirt build up which, over time, can lead to scratches and corrosion problems down the road. Interior detail will also protect your upholstery from excess dirt build up, stains and excessive wear.

Meister Werks can also detail the sap and road grime from your paint using our clay bar method and make it feel like glass when done. A polish will remove swirls, hard water spots and haze from your paint. Once that is done a thick coat of wax will help protect your paint from the Pacific Northwest weather. We recommend getting this done every 6 months to maintain your car appearance.

Buffing 1-3A thorough interior detail will protect your upholstery and dashboard from the summer heat and winter cold. A deep carpet clean will remove dirt and pine needles from your carpet making it look brand new. On cars with leather we use a conditioner that will keep your seats plush and soft and prone from cracking.

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