Free Alternator & Battery Testing!

Free Alternator & Battery Testing

Do you think your battery may be failing? Is your car staring really slow or making a clicking sound, then starting? At Meister Werks European & Import we will do free battery testing on any car. Not only that, but we have your European car battery in stock as well.

Battery Testing-1Over the past 3 weeks we have changed countless amounts of batteries. We even ran out at one point, calling our Interstate Battery rep to deliver more batteries. We currently have a Snap-On battery tester which makes it a very simple procedure. On most cars, you can be in and out within minutes.

About Batteries & Testing

Our battery tester scans for many other things than just voltage. It tests cold cranking amps (CCA) voltage and alternator charging while the car is running. It will even say wether or not the battery is stable, aka able to hold and keep a charge. One other thing about failing batteries, they can damage your alternator. The alternator is the part that charges your battery. A normal battery should hold between 13 volts and 14 volts. If that battery can only hold a 12v charge, your alternator will kick into overdrive, fighting to charge it to 14v which, over time, will damage the alternator.

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