Info about Fix-A-Flat tire repair

Fix-A-Flat tire repair is not good for the environment, your wheels or tires. It contains Hydrocarbons (Tetrafluoro), similar to the air conditioning refrigerant in your vehicle. When exposed to moisture, it becomes corrosive.

It can corrode the paint inside your wheel, the aluminum wheel itself, and/or any electronics inside, such as tire pressure monitor sensors (TPMS).

Tire repair with Fix-a-Flat Is not permanent and is not a permanent tire repair. If you choose to use this, the product is only meant to keep you rolling up to 100 miles. This will let you repair the tire properly. It will not help you in a “blow-out”, which usually involves separation of the tread from the tire and large, gaping holes in your tire.

If you have a spare tire, please opt to use that rather than a quick fix. It may save you hundreds, and in some circumstances – thousands of dollars.

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