Cobra 8 Channel Surveillance System – Hard Drive Upgrade

DIY Cobra 8 Channel Surveillance System – Upgrade to a 8tb Hard Drive

• Purchase a Sata hard drive for your Cobra 8 Channel Surveillance System. We got an 8gb external from Amazon for $140 w/ free Prime delivery
• After receiving the HD, format to MS Dos Fat 32. (You may not have to if it is already formatted for this. Most external HD are)
• Remove new hard drive from case.
• Power down Cobra 8 Channel Surveillance System and unplug power cord after the prompt on the screen says to do so.
• Remove old hard drive from Cobra 8 Channel Surveillance System.
• Install new hard drive into Cobra 8 Channel Surveillance System.
• Plug in power cord.
• Screen will prompt “HD Not Formatted”.
• Open the Settings Menu > Device. Select the new hard drive.• Click the format button.
• Now you have storage for 8 months of recordings with 4 cameras or 4 months with 8 cameras.