BMW 745Li in for a service

It must be BMW 7 series month. One of our customers brought his in his new 745Li purchase for some much needed service. Brake flush, coolant flush & check engine light diagnostic. After a thorough investigation, we found that the codes were there from the previous owner and there was nothing to be worried about.
745li Service

Engine Coolant Flush

The coolant system is responsible for combating the heat produced by your BMW engine to help keep everything under the hood from getting too hot. If this system isn’t working as it should, you run the risk of overheating, severely damaging your engine, evening causing it to fail and you to be stuck on the side of the road. Obviously, preventing your BMW from reaching this point is ideal, for both your vehicle and your wallet.

Meister Werks European & Import in Renton, WA includes a coolant check as a part of our standard 30 Point Inspection, and you may see a cooling system flush as a part of your BMW Preventative Scheduled Maintenance.

Cooling System Warning Signs

Make sure you have yourMeister Werks European & Import in Renton, WA inspect your engine’s cooling system if your BMW begins to show any of the following signs:

  • Your dashboard temperature gauge consistently runs between normal and hot
  • The coolant light pops up on your dashboard
  • Your interior heating system isn’t working right
  • Grinding sounds from under the hood
  • Coolant puddles under your car
  • Steam coming from your engine

What is a Coolant Flush?

If you need a coolant flush, our service staff will remove the coolant from the radiator and replace it with genuine BMW recommended engine coolant. It’s possible that if you catch the problem early, your BMW may not need a full coolant flush, but simply to have the coolant refilled. Because the possibility of severe burning and scalding exists while working with your engine’s cooling system, it’s important that you don’t remove your radiator cap unless your BMW engine is completely cooled. If in doubt, leave it to our experienced service technicians.

When you bring your new or pre-owned BMW into Meister Werks European & Import in Renton, WA, we will include a check of your cooling system and engine coolant as a part of our multi-point inspection at no cost. If you do need to have the coolant flushed in your BMW, our service staff will work with you to make sure you can take advantage of any coolant flush specials we may be offering.