Mercedes Benz Wheels, Tires and Spacers

Doing some wheels, tires and wheel spacers on a Mercedes Benz E350 late last week.

Mercedes Benz E350 Wheels Tires

About Our Services

Meister Werks has a vast selection of wheels spacers for VW, Audi, BMW and Mercedes. Located in Renton, Wa at The Renton Landing, we can set you up with the perfect stance for your European vehicle. These start at $40 for 5mm , and go up to 20mm for $70.

We also have extended lug bolts too. 12×1.5 & 14×1.5 in 39mm, 40mm, 48mm and 50mm in stock.

Need your fenders rolled at the same time? No problem. Our prices start at $175 for 2 fenders or $250 for all 4 fenders. Worried about your paint? Don’t. We heat up your paint to around 175º to ensure the paint is soft enough to flex with the fender roll. The process is simple. We hear up the paint on your fender prior to rolling. Once the paint is up to temperature, we roll the fender approximately 90% of the way. This way it does not warp the body panel, yet gives you the protection you need so you do now chew up your tires. After rolling the fenders, we can install your Simply Spacers brand spacers on your vehicle for the perfect stance.