Mercedes AMG Powder Coated Wheels

Last week we did some Mercedes AMG Powder Coated Wheels for a customer. Our customer has many issues with the painted wheels on his Mercedes-Benz CLS500. The previous owner painted them and the paint was chipping and flaking off. This was causing the wheels to loose air pressure. He was constantly having to fill the tires with air. After he had had enough of that, he opted for replacing everything.

In the beginning, our customer came to us and ask what his options were. We offered him a many options per his requirement and color requests. This included these Mercedes CLS55 AMG wheels, however they only came in silver. This was not a problem for Meister Werks. Since we refinis and powder coat wheels in house, we also gave him the option to have them powder coated black.

After receiving the new wheels, we chemical strip, out gassed, media blasted, applied a pretreatment to promote adhesion and anti-corrision under the powder coat. Then we applied two coats of super durable wet black powder. This is a very high quality power will last much longer than standard powders. There are many color options for these Mercedes AMG Powder Coated Wheels and finishes as well.

To make an appointment for your Mercedes AMG Powder Coated Wheels, please call 425-254-0627. You can also email us by clicking here. Meister Werks European & Import is located one block south from The Renton Landing in Renton, WA, across the street from The Boeing Store and on the westside of the Paccar / Kenworth plant.