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Today at Meister Werks we have a 2014 Porsche Cayman S in for factory recommended maintenance in preparation for an upcoming Porsche Club of America track day event. The factory recommended 40,000 mile service for this Porsche Cayman includes replacing maintenance items such as the air filter, cabin air filter, spark plugs, and an oil change. For a little added performance, this Porsche Cayman is also getting a brake fluid flush with a high boiling point performance brake fluid.



This performance brake fluid has a higher boiling point, which will prevent brake fade and allows for better braking at a high speeds. This brake fluid has a dry boiling point of 280ºC / 536ºF, which is higher than the standard DOT 4 SL brake fluid, this allows for better performance at higher temperatures.

Performing maintenance items at the Porsche factory recommended intervals is crucial to keep your vehicle operating at peak performance and to prevent other components from failing. Neglecting factory recommended maintenance results in the hardest working components not operating at their best, which forces other components to work even harder. This can lead to catastrophic failure of major components which can be very costly to repair. At Meister Werks our mission is to keep your car  in top operating condition while preventing catastrophic failure and saving you money.

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