Mk5 VW GTI Stage 2 Clutch

Mk5 VW GTI Stage 2 Clutch

GTI Bad ClutchOn Monday Zach knocked out a Stage 2 South Bend clutch on this Mk5 Volkswagen GTI. Previously, the customer had called to get a quote to replace this on his car. Little did he know that upgrading to a more performance part was only around $150 more. This type of upgrade is very nessesary if you are doing a chip tune or performance upgrades, The factory clutch is not capable of handling any more than 250 horsepower and will wear quickly if not done.

GTI Stage 2 ClutchThe car was towed in last week and diagnosis was confirmed by our tech. We pre-ordered the clutch before the car had arrived and it arrived the next day. When we removed the transmission there was a plethora of “spaghetti” all over the flywheel and pressure plate, as you can see from the photo.

We installed the new South Bend clutch, as well as the rear main and input shaft seals. These are easy and highly recommended seals to replace while doing this kind of job. These additional repairs insure that you will not have to remove the transmission for these kind of repairs again.

After securing all of the transmission parts on the GTI, we replaced the right axle shaft due to a very badly torn CV (constant velocity) joint boot. This was also something that did not cost the customer any additional labor to replace, since the axle was already out of the car.

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