Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sale

Radi8 Black Friday 2017Radi8 Wheels USA Black Friday Sale for all models. Buy three wheels get one  FREE!! Please contact us for more information. Come in or call Monday to reserve yours!

These wheels are the biggest upcoming wheel on the market. Come in and see their line up in our show room. These unique designs will set your car apart. These wheels come in many different sizes and offsets for your European or Japanese vehicle.

Radi8 is a brand manufacture thrive to develop unique wheel designs and always continue to innovate new ideas. The passion of pursuing perfection and capability based on our many years of R&D experiences that lead us to make many breakthroughs on wheel design.

Just read some of the reviews they have on their facebook page,

“Radi8 is top notch! They have some of the best customer service in the world. They have the dopest wheels around. They don’t charge a fortune for they’re wheels. And they are innovators in the wheels game.” – Brett

“When I first saw their wheels I immediately fell in love. They are so different than anything else on the market. Bryan has been super responsive and had no problem answering any of my obviously noob questions. I cannot recommend this company enough. If you’re looking for a unique set of wheels this is definitely the company to go with, trust me. I just got a set of r8a10’s and the dark mist in person will blow your mind. I have never been more happy with a set of wheels than I am with these.” – Justin