Tracy’s Project 2018 New Beetle Coast – Part 1

Tracy’s Project VW New Beetle Coast – Part 1

Tracy’s stock VW New Beetle before we started her project

Our long time customer Tracy brought her 2018 VW New Beetle into the shop a few weeks after she purchased it from Auburn VW. Our good friends at Auburn VW had recommended Meister Werks to her after she ask where to take it for some modifications.

Tracy had a laundry list of items she wanted for her VW New Beetle when she came in for her consultation. Some of the items were winter wheels for her snow tires, lowering the vehicle, summer wheels / tires and some performance mods, just to name a few.

Starting the Project

VW New Beetle “Winter Mode”

The first item she opted for was the lowering the car. She wanted simple lowering springs. We advised her that running OEM shocks and struts with lowering spring would eventually damage the shocks and struts. Since those parts are not meant for lowing spring, they wouldn’t last that long and would decrease the performance over time.

We suggest the K-Sport adjustable coilovers which will allow her to adjust the VW New Beetle to any height she will like. This kit would also increase performance without sacrificing the quality of the ride. They are also adjustable dampening, which will allow her to change the suspension to softer or stiffer ride. The cost difference was not much more and she opted to go that route. We also found her some inexpensive satin black Platinum 432SB Elite wheels. We mounted and balanced the tires for her and installed them after the suspension was installed.

Lowered on Radi8 R8S5 Wheels

When spring rolled around, she started looking for her summer wheels and tires. We layed out all the catalogues and option for her. She wanted something unique that not a lot of people have. As soon as she saw the Radi8 R8S5 wheels, she knew that is what she wanted. The look and feel of Tracy’s beetle is one of a kind.

Radi8 R8S5 Wheels

Future Plans

Some future plans are to install a 3″ down pipe, Stage 2 Unitronic performance tune, DSG Transmission tune and cold air intake. These modification will give this VW New Beetle around 300hp. So if you see her at a stop light, don’t underestimate what this Beetle will be able to do.

Tracy is a regular at Meister Werks and if you see her in the lot or our lobby, feel free to ask her any question about her car. She loves to meet new people and is a genuine awesome person.

If you are looking to modify your vehicle, contact us at 425-254-0627 or come in for your free consultation. You can also email us by clicking here. Meister Werks European & Import is located one block south from The Renton Landing in Renton, WA, across the street from The Boeing Store and on the westside of the Paccar / Kenworth plant.

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  1. Tamara Allen
    Tamara Allen says:

    That’s my girlfriend’s car! Thanks for taking such good care of her vehicle. Well done.

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