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Custom Wheel Refinishing

A customer of our came in for wheel refinishing with his Jeep SRT. He wanted to change the color from the polished aluminum to gloss black. We removed the wheels from his Jeep and put it on jack stands during the wheel refinishing process. Then we removed the tires. We noticed all the the wheels had some curb rash damage. The customer opted to repair all the rash which was a little extra in labor cost. We began the wheel refinishing by stripped this wheels in a chemical bath. This removes all the paint, clearcoat and any dirt or debris. It also etches the surface slightly. After stripping we repaired the wheel damage and media blasted the surface to insure powder coat adhesion to outlast the warranty we provide.

After the wheels were cool and came out of the oven, we hand painted the inside of the SRT logo with silver leaf paint. After all was said and done, the wheels turned out well.

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Powder Coating S550 Mercedes-Benz Wheel Project

Last week, we completed a customer’s Mercedes Benz wheel project. We powder coated the wheels super durable red, coated the calipers, installed new brake pads and rot

ors and made new decals for the wheels and calipers.

The process for the S550 Mercedes Benz wheel project started with freshly chemically stripped wheels, cleaned and prepped. two coats were applied (not in video) to hide thin spots and to ensure a uniform finish. This powder has a 90% gloss and looks wet all the time. It’s very easy to clean due to the glossy nature of the powder. Soap and water clean the brake dust off with ease. We also coated the calipers black, installed AMG decals on the calipers and logos, Mercedes logos on the caps and finished it off by replacing the brake pads and rotors. with Akebono zero dust pads and Zimmerman rotors.

To get your car customized, call 425-254-0627 or email us. Meister Werks European & Import is located one block south from The Renton Landing in Renton, WA.