JDM Ksport Control Pro Coilovers Specials

  • 36 way adjustable dampening
  • Lower strut/shock height adjustability
  • Camber Plates built in

$850 + WA ST Sales Tax

  • Nissan 03-08 350z
  • Honda 14-15 Civic Si
  • Honda 06-11 Civic FD1
  • Acura 02-06 RSX
  • Scion 11-UP TC & 15-UP IM
  • Honda 13-17 Accord

$800 + WA ST Sales Tax

  • Honda 89-91 Civic/CRX
  • Acura 90-93 Integra
  • Honda 92-95 Civic
  • Acura 94-01 Integra
  • Honda 96-00 Civic EK

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Ksport Kontrol Pro Coilovers

Ksport Kontrol Pro Fully Adjustable Coilover

Ksport Kontrol Pro Fully Adjustable Coilover Kits provide the ultimate in suspension technology for your vehicle, both on the street or at the track.  36 levels of damping adjustment allow fine tuning of the damper to suit both handling and comfort needs.  The damping adjustment alters compression and rebound simultaneously, for more effective and user-friendly setup changes.

Pillow ball top mounts

Pillow ball top mounts in the front and rear on some applications allow the vehicle to install and setup to OEM specifications.  Ksport’s patented upper pillow ball mount offers the same level of adjustability and performance, but allows for compliance that is often required from high-demand strut applications.
On applicable models, the pillowball upper mounts offer camber adjustment, saving the need for a special, separate camber kit.  For enthusiasts seeking the ultimate in adjustability, Ksport’s advanced upper pillow ball mount is available on some applications, giving the option for separate camber and caster adjustment.

Most applications utilize an adjustable lower mount, which means height adjustability without losing suspension travel—a problem found in many coilover systems available today.  Since mounts and most pieces in the coilover system are designed from 6061 billet aluminum, the components are lightweight, durable, and rust resistant.  Steel shock bodies are electroplated with zinc to resist rust and protect from the elements.  The shock or strut valving for each piece is matched accordingly to the spring rate, giving superior ride quality and reliability.

Monotube Design

The Ksport system uses a monotube design in which the oil and gas are separated within the cylinder. When compared to twin tube construction, the monotube design dissipates heat faster and more evenly, allows finer damping adjustments, and requires more expensive design process.  Aeration and cavitation issues are a lot less common in a monotube design, which results in a more consistent ride quality.

The Ksport Kontrol Pro Coilover system has been designed with professional road racing in mind, offering extremely high value and performance for any application.

Mercedes Benz Factory Air Suspension

This week we performed a simple test on this Mercedes Benz GL450 air suspension. After looking the factory air bag suspension had failed. Arnott is the company we use for these bags. They are a fraction of the price and the same quality as the Mercedes Benz suspension.

Mercedes Factory Air Bag Suspension



About Factory Air Suspension

Factory or original equipment manufactured (OEM) air suspension is a system that auto manufactures use to replace a regular coil spring. The systems have been around for a long time, and contrary to popular belief are very efficient. This can increase the suspension’s firmness and rideability for sportier driving, or softer for a more comfortable ride.

In these systems the vehicle is equipped with a small air pump and valves. When the car needs to go up, the air pump pumps air into the system via air lines and the pressure raises the car. When the car needs to go down, a pressure relief valve opens and lets the air pressure out thus lowering the vehicle.

Failure and Repair

Next we will talk about damage and failure. Over time, these bags will wear out. It’s typically not the rubber, but the internals that limit the travel of the suspension. These are called bump stops. This is a rubber bushing that will bottom out on rubber and not on the bag or the mounting components.There is the potential, although very unlikely, that the bag could get torn. Another way they can fail is the air bag can start leaking. The air bags are crimped with a metal band and these bands could fail over time and allow air to escape.

The leveling sensors are another thing that can fail. Each wheel has a sensor that tells the vehicle’s computer how low or high the car is sitting. Sometimes these fail, typically there will be a warning light on the dash that says something is wrong.

Other things that can fail are the air line, connectors, pumps and fittings. These components can be tested by a authorized shop such as Meister Werks European and Import. We are located 1 block south of The Renton Landing, across the street from Boeing in Renton, WA. Call 425.254.0627 or E-mail today for a quote today!

Powder Coating

Today at Meister Werks European & Import in Renton, WA, we had a little down time to powder coat our 75 year old vise. Lollypop red over heavy silver, shattered glass and candy gold. Powder coating is process where you take any raw metal (steel or aluminum) and electrostatically applied.

Powder Coated Vise




Meister Werks Renton Detailing

Our detailing yesterday. Mercedes Benz SL500.At Meister Werks in Renton, WA 1 block south of The Renton Landing, we can do detailing on your car and install performance equipment the same day. Our detail experts can fix your paint to near factory finish and add a protective layer of wax at the same time.

Detailing your car will keep dirt and grime off your car prolonging the finish for years down the road. Detailing will also protect your car from harmful UV rays that break down your car’s paint finish.

Call us today for more info on what we can do for you.

Wash and Interior Clean: $125

  • Exterior Wash
  • Tire Shine
  • Vacuum
  • Interior wipe down
  • Frigi Fresh (clean and disinfects HVAC system)

Simple Details start at $300

  • Exterior Wash
  • Full vehicle Wax
  • Tire Shine
  • Vacuum
  • Interior wipe down
  • Frigi Fresh (clean and disinfects HVAC system)


Full Details start at $600

  • Exterior Wash
  • Clay bar paint cleaning
  • Polish
  • Full vehicle Wax
  • Wheel detailing
  • Tire Shine
  • Vacuum
  • Interior wipe down
  • Dash protectant dressing
  • Wash and detail floor mats
  • Frigi Fresh (clean and disinfects HVAC system)

Meister Werks Detail Products

Buffing 3-1We use only the best products on your car when detailing. Our house brand in local company from Tacoma, WA Griot’s Garage. Their very high quality products show when we are done. They have the best waxes, polish and detailing products on the market. Coupled with Griot’s products we also use brands such as BG, Sonax and Mothers. Sonax is a company from Germany and is the equivalent of Griot’s Garage in Europe. Mother’s has been around for a long time. We use a few of their products such as mag and aluminum polish for wheels. BG makes the best chemicals for our engine carbon cleaning. They also make a product called Frigi Fresh. Sprayed into the cabin air intake, it kills 99.9% of fungus and bacteria in your HVAC system and leaves a very clean, new car smell.

With the use of our Snap-On thermal camera we were able to diagnose this Porsche 911 C4S with a bad injector and coil pack.
911 Thermal Cam

Thermal Camera Diagnostics and More!

At Meister Werks in Renton, WA next to The Renton Landing, we use high end, state of the art tools to diagnose vehicles such as this Porsche 911, and other European cars, to get to the root cause of why your Porsche is not running correctly.

In this instance we were trying to find which cylinder was misfiring (not in photo). The computer diagnostic equipment said we had a misfire on cylinder #1 and #3, however we were unable to determine if is was one or the other, or both. So with our camera we found that the exhaust pipe from cylinder #1 was cold and not firing.

Not only can we diagnose your Porsche, we  also provide many other service while your Porsche is in the shop as well. We can do the repair, provide factory scheduled service, maintenance, performance modifications and detailing.

As part of our service such as oil changes, coolant flushes and brake service, we also provide you with a courtesy 30pt inspection to make sure everything is in tip top shape. During your visit we will let you know our findings and try to save you additional trips to the shop by catching everything the first time.

For performance, we provide chip tuning, coilover sport suspensions, performance tires and more. Just ask a Meister Werks Representative what we can do for your Porsche.

Lastly, you’re going to want your vehicle detailed, clean and ready to go. After we finish your repair, we can detail your car. A polish, buff and wax will make your Porsche’s paint to like new condition. We also provide a interior detail to complete the job.

For more information or to make an appointment, call 425.254.0627 or email us at service@meister.us.com

Doing some wheels, tires and wheel spacers on a Mercedes Benz E350 late last week.

Mercedes Benz E350 Wheels Tires

About Our Services

Meister Werks has a vast selection of wheels spacers for VW, Audi, BMW and Mercedes. Located in Renton, Wa at The Renton Landing, we can set you up with the perfect stance for your European vehicle. These start at $40 for 5mm , and go up to 20mm for $70.

We also have extended lug bolts too. 12×1.5 & 14×1.5 in 39mm, 40mm, 48mm and 50mm in stock.

Need your fenders rolled at the same time? No problem. Our prices start at $175 for 2 fenders or $250 for all 4 fenders. Worried about your paint? Don’t. We heat up your paint to around 175º to ensure the paint is soft enough to flex with the fender roll. The process is simple. We hear up the paint on your fender prior to rolling. Once the paint is up to temperature, we roll the fender approximately 90% of the way. This way it does not warp the body panel, yet gives you the protection you need so you do now chew up your tires. After rolling the fenders, we can install your Simply Spacers brand spacers on your vehicle for the perfect stance.

Buffing 3-1

Meister Werks offers detailing services. From simple details to full clay bar, polish and wax – We can do it! At Meister Werks in Renton, WA, 1 block south of The Renton Landing on Park Ave N.


Buffing 2-2Detailing your car is the best way to protect your vehicle’s paint and interior. Keeping it clean and detailed will increase resale value when you decide to sell or trade in your vehicle. Also protecting the finish can protect the paint from excess dirt build up which, over time, can lead to scratches and corrosion problems down the road. Interior detail will also protect your upholstery from excess dirt build up, stains and excessive wear.

Meister Werks can also detail the sap and road grime from your paint using our clay bar method and make it feel like glass when done. A polish will remove swirls, hard water spots and haze from your paint. Once that is done a thick coat of wax will help protect your paint from the Pacific Northwest weather. We recommend getting this done every 6 months to maintain your car appearance.

Buffing 1-3A thorough interior detail will protect your upholstery and dashboard from the summer heat and winter cold. A deep carpet clean will remove dirt and pine needles from your carpet making it look brand new. On cars with leather we use a conditioner that will keep your seats plush and soft and prone from cracking.

Call 425.254.0627 or email us today for a quote or to make an appointment.

Car Care Month means savings for you!

The month of October is designated as Fall Car Care Month by the Car Care Council and Meister Werks European & Import in Renton, WA, who work to bring awareness to keeping your vehicle safe, dependable, and on the road longer. Because your safety and vehicle dependability are so important to us, we are celebrating Car Care Month with special offers including FREE wiper blades and FREE oil changes! Special offers and coupons below.

Need a loaner for the day? To make your service more convenient, ask to reserve our courtesy loaner car, also free of charge.
Pick up/Drop off service also available, ask for availability when scheduling your appointment at Meister Werks European & Import in Renton, WA

October Ads


Win a free oil change!

Five lucky customers will receive their scheduled oil change special or Mercedes A service for FREE! Simply call to make an appointment between October 1st and October 31st. At check out, you will select your prize envelope! Prizes include free oil changes or Mercedes A service which can be redeemed immediately, gift certificates, and more! Every envelope contains a prize, what will yours be?

Premium Coolant Flush Special with anti-corrision and conditioning treatment – Only $175!

Premium Oil Change Special with FREE WIPER BLADES – Only $79.99!

Today we are starting the install on this freshly rebuilt 2004 Porsche 911 Carrera 4s Cabriolet 3.6L N52 engine. The engine was rebuilt from the bottom up including new rod bearings, rebuilt heads and IMS bearings. The install is expected to take a little over one day and should be rolling mid week sometime. At Meister Werks in Renton, WA, 1 block south of The Renton Landing on Park Ave N.

Porsche Engine

Porsche 911 / 996 History

The Porsche 996 is the internal designation for the Porsche 911 model manufactured with first model year 1998 and last 2004. It was replaced by the Type 997 in model year 2005.

The 996 had little in common with its predecessor, with the first new chassis platform since the original 911 and a new water-cooled engine. Technically, it was a major change, a complete breakaway from the original car other than overall layout.

Development was shared with its smaller brother, the roadster-only Boxster which appeared around the same time, including the front suspension, much of the interior, and the engine, all of which were enlarged for the 996. However the multi-link rear suspension, derived from the preceding 993, was different.

At its debut, the 996 featured the most significant change from the classic 911 series: a water-cooled engine replacing the previously air-cooled engine (a change that Porsche’s parent, Volkswagen, would also make when it introduced the New Beetle a year later, in 1998). Progressively stringent emissions and noise regulations, environmental concerns, a higher expectation for refinement and a high-performance 4 valve per cylinder engine made the switch necessary. Other major changes include a completely new platform having a sleeker body with a more raked windshield, and re-designed interior.

Naturally Aspirated Carrera Evolution

The 996 Model year featured a 3.4L engine producing 296 bhp. The 2000 and 2001 model years received a slight increase in horsepower to 300 bhp while retaining the same figures for torque produced. In addition, Porsche made many changes to the 3.4-liter unit over its production lifespan, so the last of these 3.4L engines (made in 2001) have improved reliability.

The 2002+ cars received a 3.6L engine which provided an extra 15 bhp (11 kW) of power (taking output to 315 bhp or 320 PS) and an additional 15 lb·ft (20 N·m) of torque (increasing from 258 to 273 lb·ft). The inclusion of Variocam Plus (as opposed to Variocam on the earlier 996) improved power delivery through the rpm range. The headlights on the 996 Carrera also adopted the turbo headlights of the MK1 iteration. Seat belt pretensioners were added. In 2000, the Tiptronic transmission was modified to allow it to enter manual mode by clicking buttons on the steering wheel.

Updates also included a revised front bumper to decrease front end lift, and the addition of a glove box. The second generation 996 gained 25 kg (55 lb) in the facelift.

– Source: Wikipedia

Audi R8 Spyder - Meister Werks 1 block south from The Renton Landing

Audi R8 Spyder – Meister Werks 1 block south from The Renton Landing

Nothing feels better than delivering a project like this to a happy customer. Not to mention the sound when it drove away. – at Meister Werks, Renton, WA 1 block south from The Renton Landing

Project R8 Spyder:
– AWE Tuning Switchpath Exhaust
– Powder Coated Claipers Seahawks Green
– Custom R8 Caliper Decals
– Powder Coated R8 SE Exhaust Tips HIgh Temp Black
– Finish Work onFront Bumper Canards

Up next:
– Suspension (?)
– Unitronic Stage 1+ Chip Tune

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