Meister Werks in Renton is now officially a BG Dealer and their carbon clean systems. BG Products are known for their quality chemicals for cleaning your engines components. These chemicals clean systems such as the carbon from air intakes , PCV & EGR systems, oil treatments, fuel injectors, crankcase, valves,, brake systems, transmission and more. You will be amazed how much better your vehicle will run after these services are performed.
Call us today at 425.254.0627 to schedule your carbon clean induction service. Packages start at $375 + oil change and tax.

About BG’s Products
 BG Induction Tool
BG VIA® Vehicle Injection Apparatus



  • Poor fuel economy
  • Power loss
  • Rough idle
  • Hard starting
  • Pinging/Knocking
  • Increased emissions


  • Cleans fuel injectors
  • Cleans throttle body
  • Cleans plenum and air intake
  • Cleans intake valves and ports
  • Removes combustion chamber deposits
  • Corrects balance of fuel and air in system


  • Restored fuel efficiency
  • Better performance
  • Restored power
  • Reduced harmful emissions

This service includes BG 44K® Fuel System Cleaner.


BG Fuel/Air Induction & Carbon Clean service is backed by the Lifetime BG Protection Plan™ if the initial service is performed within 75,000 miles/120,000 km. To maintain coverage, get a BG Fuel/Air Induction Service every 15,000 miles/24,000 km!

Ask about complimentary roadside assistance when you purchase a BG service.



Volkswagen ABS Brake Fluid Bleeding Renton, WA
In this tutorial we will be going over bleeding the brake fluid system in a 1999 VW B5 Volkswagen Passat. There is one special tool you will need to do this, a VAG-COM VCDS by Ross Tech. This is the go to for a Volkswagen scanning tool. They typically run about $300-400 for the full version. There are a few other brands of scan tools you can use like Launch Pad, but the VCDS system works the best.

On this Volkswagen Passat, the VCDS is very easy to use. Sometimes accessing the controller is done though either ‘Basic Setting’ or ‘Adaptation’ as mentioned in the video.


About Ross-Tech:
Ross-Tech, LLC is located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. We provide diagnostics solutions for VW, Audi, Seat, and Skoda automobiles through our principal product, VCDS.

VCDS and VCDS-Mobile will work with most Volkswagen and Audi models sold World-Wide 1994 through the current model year. It will work with some cars all the way back to model year 1990. It will also work with most late-model SEAT, and Skoda models sold in markets other than North America. If your VW or Audi has a 16-pin “OBD-II style” Data Link Connector,  VCDS will definitely work.  If your car has the old “2×2” Data Link Connection, check if there is a wire going to each pin, as shown in the picture. If there are four wires, VCDS should work with any diagnostics-capable modules that are present.  If there are only three wires, then nothing in the car is diagnostics-capable..  Please see these Application Charts where you can select your model and see which modules can communicate with VCDS.  Also see the Issues page for a few things that may not work as expected.

You can call us any time to get your brake fluid bleed in Renton, WA. We are located next to The Renton Landing at 618 Park Ave N., 1 block south of Dicks Sporting Goods, Petsmart, Fry’s and Target. We are right across from the Boeing corporate building and the Boeing Store. Easy access to theI-405 freeway off Exit 6 & minutes from I-5. E-mail or call us anytime at 425.254.0627 to schedule an appointment. Volkswagen ABS brake fluid bleed Renton.


Cold Air Intakes – The Do’s and Don’ts

When purchasing a cold air intake or CAI for your VW, there are a few things to look for. The video below will explain every thing you need to know about the CAI system for your Volkswagen Mk5 or Mk6 Golf, Jetta or GTI.

One of the easiest ways to get more power from your engine is to dump the OE air filter and air intake system and replace them with high-flow cold air intake aftermarket part. Factory systems are designed with priorities other than performance, like low intake noise and cost. As a result, most vehicles come from the factory with restrictive air boxes and intake tubes, and cheap paper air filters. Choose a system like Unitronic’s cold air intake and make your engine come alive.

From How Stuff Works:
In the on-going quest to make our vehicles more powerful and fun to drive, people have come up with some great aftermarket systems. Of course there are lots of changes you can make to the engine like a new exhaust system, bolt-ons like superchargers and turbos but seriously, that stuff costs tons of money and you’ll probably spend more than a weekend installing those parts. And then there are cold air intakes.

Cold air intakes are a fairly inexpensive modification (typically a few hundred dollars) and easier to install than most other engine modifications. No, they won’t add quite as much power as other engine mods, but they will help your engine in some other ways.

Think of a factory air intake system as like having a cold that clogs up your head and restricts your breathing. Now go running. It’s not going to work very well is it? A cold air intake is like amazing medicine that allows your engine to finally breath.

Cold air intakes move the air filter outside of the engine compartment so that cooler air can be sucked into the engine for combustion. Cooler air brings more oxygen (denser air) into the combustion chamber and that means more power. The filters are usually moved to the upper wheel well area or near a fender where there is more access to free flowing, cooler air and less hot air from the engine.

Not too shabby. But it gets even better.

Not only does a cold air intake reduce the air temperature, but it also increases airflow. Aftermarket intakes remove the need for a box surrounding the air filter and instead use large diameter intake tubes that are smoother, have less bends and are often wider than the original factory ones. Removing the air box and using smoother tubes gives the engine uninterrupted airflow.

Sounds pretty good right? But does it actually work?

Cold air and more air sound good in theory, but no one gives a hill of beans about theory when you’re trying to pass someone on the highway.

The good news is that although claims of actual horsepower and even increased fuel efficiency may vary, cold air intakes will in fact help increase your car’s performance.

By itself, you’ll probably notice an increase in power when the throttle is fully open. Some manufacturers claim as much as a 5- to 20-horsepower increase for their system. But if you team up the cold air intake with other engine modifications, like a new exhaust, you’ll create a much more efficient system. So think of it as just one part of many to increase your engine’s performance.

There are a few drawbacks to consider when installing a cold air intake though. If the air filter is too exposed and sucks up water, it’ll go straight into your engine and you’ll be up a creek. Pun intended. Look into adding a bypass valve to keep this from happening.

Also, installing a cold air intake on some newer cars may void the engine manufacturer’s warranty. So look into this situation before starting, or at least understand that it could become a problem later on.

Other than that, install that cold air intake and hear the magnificent sound of free-flowing cool air to your engine — and enjoy a few extra horsepower as well. It may be just what your engine needs.